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Hoffman's French and English Lop Rabbits and Nubian Dairy Goats

Nestbox and Breedings

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Nestbox and Breedings

Updated 4/9/18

English Lop Litter born 2-28-18
Broken Black
Broken Orange
2- Broken Blue Tort

French Lop Litter born 2-26-18

Colors: Frosted Pearls

English Lop Litter Born 3-31-18

Colors: Black, Broken Black, Broken Tort

English Lop Litter born 4-4-18

Colors: Chestnut Agoutis and Broken Chestnut Agoutis

Expecting several more litters of French and English in the near future...

Hoffman's English Lops located in Southeastern PA
French Lops and English Lops For Sale in PA